• Executive Training on Government Information Leadership in Oman
  • 26 September 2012

The Center for Electronic Governance at United Nations University International Institute for Software Technology (UNU-IIST) and the Oman Information Technology Authority (ITA) jointly organized a week of Executive Training on Foundations of Government Information Leadership. The training took place in Muscat from 22 to 26 September 2012, attended by government officials responsible for planning, managing and sustaining Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Electronic Governance (eGov) initiatives in Oman, including Directors, Deputy Directors and Project Managers from Information Technology Departments at various ministries and authorities.

The training was delivered by Elsa Estevez and Tomasz Janowski from the UNU-IIST Center for Electronic Governance. The main focus was on the enabling and facilitating role of ICT and eGov in: 1) formulating and implementing government policies; 2) e-transforming the processes and structures of government organizations; 3) increasing the effectiveness (doing the right things), efficiency (doing things in the most economical way) and efficacy (getting things done and meeting targets) of government programs and operations; and, 4) producing concrete value to the Omani public.

The training comprised 13 thematic sessions covering a wide range of knowledge areas at the intersection of technology, management and policy, relevant to the practice of government information leaders:

  1. Introduction - Introduction to eGov
  2. Introduction - Global Trends in eGov
  3. Planning - Policy-Driven eGov
  4. Planning - eGov Strategy and Alignment
  5. Planning - ICT Policy Development and Implementation
  6. Governance - ICT Governance
  7. Governance - Government Information Leadership
  8. Governance - Organizational Transformation in Government
  9. Design - Government Knowledge Management
  10. Design - Government Information Sharing and Interoperability
  11. Design - Government Enterprise Architecture
  12. Implementation - eGov Measurement and Benchmarking
  13. Implementation - eGov Infrastructure and Services

The training also created many opportunities for experience and knowledge-sharing between participants, ITA management and UNU experts on ICT and eGov development in Oman. Commenting on the training sessions, Dr. Tomasz Janowski, Head of the UNU-IIST Center for Electronic Governance and one of the experts delivering the training, offered this statement: "Government Information Leaders play a key role in enabling the fundamental transformation of government organization from hierarchical to network structures, and in engaging citizens, businesses and other non-state actors in jointly pursuing individual as well as public policy goals. We are very pleased that this training brought together the group of government information leadership from Oman, engaging them and the ITA in a discussion on the future of ICT and eGov in Oman.”Speaking on behalf of ITA, Fahad Sultan Al Abri, Director General of the Digital Society Development Division (DSDD) at ITA, said: “This workshop was organized in an effort to form a basis for communication between, and with, IT managers in Government, who have the responsibility to uphold and implement the Digital Oman Strategy, and contribute to the transfer of government services to the interactive electronic services. Paying particular attention to IT managers in government, the ITA intends to continue to hold similar workshops in future, in addition to providing them with specialized training to prepare them for the next stage.”