• 40th e-Macao Seminar on Citizenvision 2.0
  • 17 October 2012

Matt Poelmans, Director of CitizenVision and Senior Advisor at PBLQ in Netherlands delivered a lecture on Citizenvision 2.0 for Macao SAR Government. The 40th e-Macao seminar was organized by the UNU-IIST Center for Electronic Governance in collaboration with the Public Administration and Civil Service Bureau, Macao SAR Government. About 50 representatives from various government agencies and departments attended the seminar.

In his lecture, Matt Poelmans presented Citizenvision 2.0 – a citizen engagement model, eCitizen Charter (eCC) – an awareness tool and quality standard for e-Government, and eCC-Workbook – guidelines for implementing the charter. Written from the citizen perspective, the charter consists of 10 quality requirements for digital contacts in the fields of information exchange, service delivery and policy participation.

As a quality standard for government performance, the charter is used for measuring citizen satisfaction in Europe. The Charter is the Winner of the European e-Democracy Award 2007 (Global e-Democracy Forum, Paris, October 2007) and the finalist of the European e-Government Awards 2007 (Ministerial e-Government Conference, Lisbon, September 2007), and it has received the EU Good Practice Label 2007. To date, the Charter was translated into 23 languages, and it was recommended by UN, OECD, Council of Europe and the UK Cabinet Office.\

Matt Poelmans studied business administration at Nyenrode Business School and political science at Amsterdam University. He started his career with the Social-Economic Council where he held research and management positions. He has been active in politics on local, provincial and national levels: as a Councillor and Deputy Major in the city of Oegstgeest; as a Member of the Provincial Council of South Holland; and as Vice President of the Dutch Liberal Democrat Party. He was in charge of several eGovernment programs initiated by the Dutch Ministry of the Interior: Citizenlink, eCitizen, eGoverment Knowledge Centre, and Public Counter 2000. At present, Matt Poelmans also holds positions as Vice Chairman of the Dutch Web Accessibility Foundation, Board Member of the Dutch Petitions Foundation and Citizen’s Representative in the Schiphol Airport Committee (CROS).