1 Building a Global Multidisciplinary Digital Governance and Policy Modelling Research and Practice Community Janowski Tomasz
2 Measuring Electronic Governance – Applications Janowski Tomasz
3 Intelligent Governance of Smart Cities – Applications Janowski Tomasz
4 Governance for Sustainable Development – Applications Estevez Elsa
5 Government Information Leadership – Applications Dzhusupova Zamira
6 E-Macao Program Support Janowski Tomasz
1 Electronic Governance for Sustainable Development - Foundations Estevez Elsa
2 Developing Government Chief Information Officer Systems - Foundations Estevez Elsa
3 Intelligent Governance of Smart Cities - Foundations Ojo Adegboyega
4 Measuring Electronic Governance - Foundations Ojo Adegboyega
5 E-Macao Program Support Janowski Tomasz
6 Government Enterprise Architecture Framework Ojo Adegboyega
7 Government Information Sharing Estevez Elsa
8 Knowledge Management for Electronic Governance Dzhusupova Zamira
9 Developing Electronic Governance in Afghanistan - Assessment, Strategy, Implementation - EGOV.AF Dzhusupova Zamira
10 Strategic IT Planning for Public Organizations Ojo Adegboyega
11 IT Leadership and Coordination Janowski Tomasz
12 Capacity Building for Electronic Governance Janowski Tomasz
13 E-Macao Program Management Janowski Tomasz
14 Knowledge Management for Electronic Government Dzhusupova Zamira
15 Strategic Alignment of Public Administration Reform and Electronic Government Policies Ojo Adegboyega
16 IT Master Plan for Macao Institute for Tourism Studies Ojo Adegboyega
17 Evaluation of Electronic Government Training by EU-China Information Society Project Janowski Tomasz
18 Software Infrastructure for Electronic Government Estevez Elsa
19 Developing Open Courseware for the United Nations University Janowski Tomasz
20 The South-South Report on Software Technology Ojo Adegboyega
21 Center for Electronic Governance at UNU-IIST Janowski Tomasz
22 Semantic Interoperability for Electronic Government Janowski Tomasz
23 e-Macao Project Janowski Tomasz
24 - Building a Community of Practice for e-Governance Estevez Elsa
25 e-Macao - Survey Project Janowski Tomasz
26 Standards and Best Practices for Electronic Government Friedrich, Bernd
27 e-Macao - Development Project Janowski Tomasz
28 e-Macao - Training Project Janowski Tomasz
29 e-Macao - Dissemination Project Janowski Tomasz
30 e-Macao - Research Project Janowski Tomasz